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Synthetic Reclaim Rubber
Synthetic Reclaim Rubber is highly demanded by various industries to produce Tyre, tubes and Tyre piles. The product is very durable and flexible to attain desired shape and size. It offers high abrasion and tensile.
Natural Reclaim Rubber
Natural Reclaim Rubber is popular as it is very reliable in its applications and mixes and extrudes quickly. It is highly resistant towards heat, temperature, steam and ozone and very consistent blemish strength.

Conveyor Belts
Get in touch with us to purchase conveyor belts in choice of size. The black color belts can be purchased in length ranging from 100-200 meter, and thickness ranging from 6-20 millimeter.
Buy from us rubber adhesives for your industrial application. It can be utilized to paste rubber material to metal, or metal to metal, such as copper, steel and aluminum. The surface before application must be free of dust and dirt.

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